Tyranny of Dragons

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Adventure 12
The Hunters Lodge

Party Members: Elsbeth Lascelles, Fae’owyn, Jurra Loganth, Leoven, Mara Nemetsk, and Kaius

Part 1: Assault on the Lodge
The party decided to split up and go through both the front and back doors. Jurra, Fae’owyn, and Leoven went through the front, and Elsbeth, Mara, and Kaius went in the back. Kaius went first after setting a bear trap outside only to be assaulted by cultists in the kitchen brandishing boiling water and cutlery. Jurra and crew ended up in battle with a set of demonic looking statues. After finishing the kitchen staff, the back door group made their way to the center of the house and helped with the statues. At this point, the party decided to split up and search the house. Jurra and Fa’owyn went through the middle and into the back right of the house. Elsbeth and Kaius went left. And Mara and Leoven went right. Things seemed dull until Mara and Leoven entered a room where a Black Tentacle spell caught them both and a suit of armor, a Helmed Horror, attacked. The rest of the party rushed to their aid but Leoven was hurt badly. In the confusion, Fa’owyn set fire to a tapestry not realizing it was a portal and caused a magical backlash in the room. By the time they were finished, other cult members had come down. Led by the half green dragon Maelgot wielding Dragongleam, as well as Sorvic (a dual wielder) and Kusphia, a duelist. as well as four other cultists. Thinking quick, Kaius grabbed Elsbeth and rushed into the room where the party forced the enemy to split and come at them from two sides. In the end, all of the enemies had fallen and Kusphia had surrendered.

Part 2: The Information.
In exchange for her life, Kusphia gave the party the following information.
- The identity of the five Wyrmspeakers. Severin the Red (A human wizard capable of 9th level spells). Galvan the Blue (A human). Neronvain the Green (Moon elf prince of the Misty Forest). Rezmir the Black (half black dragon). And Varram the White (A dwarf warrior). Severin is also the leader of the Cult.
- The cult is amassing a giant hoard to present to Tiamat when they bring her out of the first layer of Hell and into the material plane.
- There are 5 dragon masks, all of which are needed to perform the ritual to bring Tiamat into this realm. They have 3 of them, the white, the black, and the red.
- Everyone else left on the back of a huge white dragon to reach the Castle.
They also found 3 prisoners, Craggnor, a dwarf who followers Varram who was captured and tortured by Talis, Miresella, a woman from Parnast, and Brother Caemon, a traveling priest of

Part 3: Blizzard
The party attempted to load the carts, but the dead troll and other bodies in the yard attracted the attention of Blizzard, who waited for a moment to strike. The battle was short, but it took the life of Leoven. Mara finished the battle with a scorching ray which sent Kaius into a rage as to why she didn’t do that earlier. A funeral was done, but the party broke down after this fight. While victorious, this may spell the end of the party.

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Adventure 11

Party Members: Elsbeth Lascelles, Fae’owyn, Jurra Loganth, Leoven, Mara Nemetsk, and Kaius

Part 1: Into the Portal
The party makes it way through the portal and everyone ends up in a stone building with only 3 walls roughly 40×40. Looking out into through the open side of the building you can see that you are in a lightly wooded mountainous area covered in snow. Carlon Amoffel takes the initiative to head out and scout the area to the north while Kaius heads to the west towards the higher mountains. The rest of the party begins working on ways to keep the women warm as they are not dressed for the cold weather. Kaius discovers that a dragon is somewhere within 6 miles of where the party is, and Carlon locates a small town an hour to the north.

Part 2: Whitebluff, first visit.
Elsbeth, Mara, and Leoven make their way into the town early in the morning just before sunrise. A dwarven guards leads them to the guardhouse and they are then taken to the church of Lathander where they are introduced to Father Tobias. Thanks to Mara’s direct honesty, they discover that the town of Whitebluff is under the control of the cult of the dragon, specifically a white dragon named Blizzard and a woman named Talis the White. The town wants to fight back, but the dragon is too much for them. The church agree’s to take in the victims once the party brings them back.

Part 3: Whitebluff, second visit.
The entire party heads into the town with the ladies which they take directly to the church. There, they meet up with Thomas, a warrior of Tempus and Nathaniel, a blacksmith who saw the half black dragon Rezmir, a Thayan wizard, and a red armored Kura-tur warrior (likely Azbara Jos and Volga). The plan is made, the party will move towards a hunting lodge currently being used as a base of operations for Talis and Blizzard. When they start to fight, the town will move to eliminate the cult members within the town. First, the party needs to rest.

Part 4: Fae’owyn is missing
When the party wakes, they find that Fae’owyn is missing, and with a little investigation, that sh has left out of the window and disappeared in the woods outside of town on the back of a white dragon. They set out north to find her.

Fae’owyn awakens to Talis, who wants to know why she is here. Talis explains herself, but wishes for Fae’owyn to simply go home, she does not want her to get hurt.
Talis Info
-Talis’s father died from working himself to death.
- Talis became idealistic to the idea that the world should work off of people getting only what they earn, what they are worth.
- Unfortunately, in her travels she came to the realization that the only constant of human nature is greed. People always want more than they are working for, or to work less for the same.
- Tiamat, to her, is the closest true representation of human nature. She follows the goddess of greed to see to it that she always stays on top and no one gains off of her work.

The rest of the party attempts to track her down only to find a open hole that is being mined out by human slaves, under the whips of goblins. The party attacks to free the humans, but quickly comes under attack by more powerful creatures, an ogre, and a set of bugbears which have the blood of white dragons in them. The party is successful and quickly heads north after freeing the slaves, where they meet up with Fae’owyn.

Part 5: Trespin the four armed troll
The party locates the hunting lodge to the north, but as they approach, they find one of its guards, a horrible looking four armed troll. The beast moves quickly and tears into both Jurra and Mara, even taking the priestess down in short order. The troll is overcome, and everyone survived, but now they look forward and the door of the Hunting Lodge stands before them.

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Adventures 9 & 10
Castle Naerytar

Party Members: Cillian DuFrane, Elsbeth Lascelles, Fae’owyn, Jurra Loganth, Leoven, Mara Nemetsk, and Kaius

Part 1: Into the Swamps
Resting overnight, some resting better than others, the party headed down into the basement area of the Carnath Roadhouse to find a hidden passage that lead out into the swamps, with obvious tracks of a lizardfolk and a cart. After walking a mile in tunnels, the party entered into the Mere of Dead Men, a salty swamp that gets its name from the thousands of dwarves, humans, and elves that were killed here by an invading orc army many years prior. It was only about 4 hours into the journey that disaster struck. Crocodiles made their way up to the party and attacked, taking Cillian under the water. While both Crocs were killed, Cillian ended up torn into two pieces. The Mere is a dangerous place and Cillian is hardly the first life it has claimed. The party placed his remains in a bag and hung it in the tree’s.

Character Killed- Cillian DuFrane

Part 2: The Lizardfolk
After a full days journey through the muck of the swamps, the party found a clearing already set up with a stone slab for a fire to stay dry. However, doing this drew some unwanted attention. A dozen lizardfolk came from the water to attack, but quick thinking and a little divine power from Mara brought a surrender. Jurra spoke with the lizards and forged a deal with them. If the party agreed to kill the Bullywug leader Pharblex Spattergoo, they would help attack the castle and draw out the Bullywugs. The next day the plan was put into action. The lizards emptied their guard posts in preparation for an attack, which included freeing one of the prisoners, a warrior named Kaius.

Part 3: Attacking the Castle
The party, with the aid of Kaius (A former Thayan slave who works for the The Emerald Enclave who is hunting the Red Wizard Azbara Jos, went right into the side entrance as the lizards attacked. After battling a few Bullywugs in the hallway leading in as well as a few in the main room, the party went and found Spattergoo almost immediately. Upon his death, the party came back out and heading towards the central tower, battling a group of cultists and guard drakes along the way. The central tower included the sleeping quarters and office of Dralmorrer Borngray, a high elf eldritch knight and the leader of the castle. Here they found evidence of the name Talis, a name that Fae’owyn has been searching for for a long time. At the top of the tower, they found a magical device called the Farseer of Illusk, a magical telescope which not only can see into the stars, but can act as an arcane eye to anywhere within 50 miles. To get to this device, the party had to battle 4 gargoyles. What they saw when they looked through it was horrifying, two adult black dragons, and one was coming towards the castle.

Part 4: The Dungeon
Making at back to the main floor, the party finds a young woman currently attempting to escape. It turns out that there are 29 other women being held in the dungeons below. Venturing down, they party quickly finds a breeding pool for giant toads and bullywugs. Traversing through the darkness, the party eventually locates the women. 29 of them, all between 15 an 25, cramped into a cage designed to hold maybe 10 people. It turns out, these women have been captured to be part of a breeding program to breed half dragons with the black dragon master of the swamps. After calming the women, the party heads on to check out the lizardfolk that they here. Entering the room, the party finds themselves surrounded by nearly a dozen blackscaled lizardfolk, and Borngray waiting for them. While Borngray may have proven to be a viable foe, the lizards were not and it spelled doom for the high elf. The party questioned him and found out a few things.

  1. Rezmir came through the day before, heading through the portal in this room which leads to a point near a hunting lodge further north.
  2. Talis is a member of the cult, she is said to be the next in line to be the white wyrmspeaker.
  3. The goods came in via lizards, and were shipped out almost immediately.

The party prepares to go through the portal with the prisoners, as they can hear the black dragon outside taking control of the situation. Unfortunately between Jurra’s horrible speech and Kaius’s execution of Borngray, the women panicked and 6 women were killed heading off into the darkness. The party prepares to head out through the portal.

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Adventure 8
The Carnath Roadhouse

Party Members: Cillian DuFrane, Elsbeth Lascelles, Fae’owyn, Jurra Loganth, Leoven, and Mara Nemetsk

Part 1: The Final Stretch
The party left Daggerford and headed north to Waterdeep. They lost one of the wagons but gained two new tag alongs, Azbara Jos and Jamna Gleamsilver. Over the next few days the party came to find out the Jemna was here after the Cult as well, and she traded the fact that Jos was a Red Wizard for any info you all had. After 10 more days, and a murder on one of the Cult’s drivers, the party arrived in Waterdeep. After breaking apart from the wagons, the party met up with Carlon Amoffel at the Grinning Lion in the North District of Waterdeep. The plan was made, to show up the night after the cult made it to the Carnath Roadhouse and figure out where the stuff was going from there.

Part 2: The the Carnath Roadhouse.
The trip took 3 days, but was far from uneventful. A battle with a troll set the bar for just how powerful Volga was having taken one down by himself. Then they came across the ruins of the city of Riverton, decimated by a black dragon. Possibly Voaraghamanthar, a dragon listed in the notes found in the copper dragon tomb.

Part 3: The Carnath Roadhouse
After a little investigation, trouble came looking for the party. Trouble in the form of 3 half orcs, and a couple of cult members. Those half orcs included Hurg, Lurg and one no one had met prior, Bog Luck a heavily armored warrior with the desire to eat his foes. The battle was bloody and thanks to Hurg and Lurg having seen the party fight before, they all targeted and killed the cleric Mara. After a bit the half orcs were killed, but they had done quite a number. Cillian drug Bog Luck outside to “talk” and actually got some helpful information. Elsbeth went down to hunt the innkeeper and burned her alive. Jemna went to work sawing off the heads of Hurg and Lurg. The rest of the party mourned the loss of their friend, everyone but Leoven who started praying for a miracle. A prayer that was answered not by his god, but by a darkre entity, an entity he made a deal with. Now, with Mara alive and everyone ready, a nights sleep is all that is needed to head into the cellar, to follow the goods that were taken.

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Adventure 7
On the road to Waterdeep

Party Members: Cillian DuFrane, Elsbeth Lascelles, Fae’owyn, Jurra Loganth, Leoven, and Mara Nemetsk

Part 1: The Undead Copper Dragon
After speaking with Michael in the tomb of the copper dragon where the Cult of the Dragon once hid, the party went forth to challenge the dragon itself. The battle was short and ended in the sound defeat of the dragon. Inside the party found a few things of note. Some potions, gold, and gems. A suit of half plate. The Red Slayers Sword. And information on three dragons that had been written by someone unknown.

The Dragons
Haldisaath- An adult white dragon who lives up north near Icewindale.
Voaraghamanthar- An adult black dragon who lives north east of Waterdeep in the swamps, the dragon is said to be one of the fastest dragons known.
Namhais- A metallic dracolich who rests in Undermountain below Waterdeep.

Part 2: Events on the road to Daggerford

The Prostitute and the Cultist
Over the next few days after the battle with the dragon, one of Claudio’s ladies really got to one of the younger cult members. She even broke an agreement with Urnpolehurst to give the boy a free night. This resulted in her gaining a bit of information before Volga interfered and threw the boy back into their camp. All of this information was given to Claudio while they spent the night in a small hamlet.

The information gained
1- The cult was heading north from Waterdeep to a prearranged drop point, after which the smugglers were going to get their cut and be done with it.
2- The cult seems to be recruiting with the idea of creating anarchy, at least the boy considered himself an anarchist even though it was obvious to her that he really didn’t know what that entailed.

Tijit’s Anger
On the night after the battle with the dragon Tyjit made herself known aggressively to Jurra, threatening him to watch his mouth. It seems there were rumors spread that he had been speaking ill of her. She backed down when the Pole made his presence known.

Two nights later she got into it with Eldkin, an argument that seemed little more than Eldkin telling her to watch her attitude, and Tyjit telling her to piss off.

Torrin the Dragonborn
The day before the party arrived in the hamlet the caravan came across a tree with four dragonborn hanging from it, having been beaten near to death and then hung. Torrin and a few others went to bury the victims and oddly, Hurg from the Cult pushed for the carts to wait.

Once in town, Torrin confided in Mara that his clan had been killed the same way by a man named Galven, the Blue Wyrmspeaker of the Cult of the Dragon and he was heading north to kill this man and his followers. As it turns out, the Cult of the Dragon has been hunting and killing dragonborn since the Sundering when most of their race was taken off of Toril. It seems that the dragonborn have a hatred for dragons because on the world they come from, dragons were tyrants that used the dragonborn as pawns in their games. Metallic, Chromatic, and Gem all enslaved the dragonborn and they hate them and Toril’s dragon gods, for it.

Drow Sightings
After leaving the hamlet and getting back on the road, the watches had a drow sighting. One of the guards saw the creature, ebony black skin, red eyes, and white hair. This happened again a few nights later. Then, on day 23, Jurra did not show for guard duty. His sleep area was searched and it was found that he had been drug away by someone. He was found a few hundred yards away, bleeding from dozens of small stab wounds. He was healed and it was discovered that he was the victim of a drow poison which knocked him unconscious. However, while all evidence pointed to the drow, the comb made of black dragon egg was found broken in his pocket. So maybe, it was not in fact a drow who attacked him.

No room at the Inn
On a night during the trip when the rain was ice and the roads were horrid, the caravan came to an inn. Unfortunately a group of four men bought out the place out of boredom to simply watch the group suffer. Thanks to Claudio’s diplomacy/bribery and the presence of Hurg and Lurg, the group gave in only to find themselves 1 gold bar richer.

The Storm
The caravan was held for nearly 4 days due to a bad storm which they simply could not travel through.

The Innevar Sisters
The day after the storm a set of buxom young ladies joined the caravan, having taken shelter in a small hamlet a few hours off the road (which may or may not exist). The twin sisters Arietta and Zelina were fast favorites among the men, and even a few of the women, on the trip. Apparently they intended to stay on till Waterdeep where they would meet with their brother for work. Though they intended to have fun along the way. However, they broke from the caravan the day before they arrived in Daggerford, without a trace.

The Harper
Carlon Amoffel, a harper agent, was found buried up to his neck in the middle of the Trade Road, with the words Oath Breaker painted on his forehead. His story was that he broke and oath to marry a woman, but a few knew this to be a cover story. His real story, which he told to Mara, was that he was tracking a group from the Cult of the Dragon who were smuggling goods north. They caught wind of him and made up the story to try to get him killed, but the other drivers decided to leave him buried in the road for fate to have. He figured out there were Cult members on this trip and confronted Mara about it. They then met in Daggerford with the other party members (minus Claudio) to discuss their plans. It seems that he knows the drop off point and intends to follow them to it to figure out where stuff is going from there. He asked the party for assistance in this.

The odd cultist
WIthout warning on the day before arriving in Daggerford, one of the cult members started acting weird enough to draw attention. The boy, the same one who was connected to Claudio’s lady, suddenly decided he didn’t want to continue north and wanted to stay in Daggerford. The cult was beyond confused and not very happy. In addition, he seemed unaffected by the prostitute’s attempts to gain his trust again, as if nothing had happened between them. Once they were in Daggerford, he and one of the ladies who were traveling with the caravan left. He was followed by another cultist (who was followed by Claudio) who tried to figure out what was wrong with him. He drew steel and was killed by the lady, they both then left with the other cult member dead in the street.

New people
As the caravan prepared to leave, two new people joined up. Azbara Jos, a Thayan man, and Jamna Gleamsilver, a gnomish woman. Azbara, joined up with the cults wagons, Jamna simply was following along.

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Adventure 6
The Journey Begins

Party Members: Cillian DuFrane, Elsbeth Lascelles, Fae’owyn, Jurra Loganth, Leoven, and Mara Nemetsk

Part 1: Gearing Up
After a few days in Baldur’s Gate, the party gathered their things and met with The Caravan heading north.

Each wagon entry has a description of the people traveling with it, but not all people on each wagon are listed, as there are a few extra NPC’s on the trip which may become important only in certain events (such as a replacement character in case someone dies on the trip).

The Wagons of the Cult of the Dragon
Achreny Ulyeltin’s Wagons
Beyd Sechepol’s Wagon
Edhelri Lewel’s Wagon
Lai Angesstun’s Wagons
Noohar Serelim’s Wagon
Other Travelers

Part 2- The Hobgoblin Ambush
On the morning of day 5, the caravan was attacked by a squad of hobgoblins. Eldkin took command and gave orders which put most of the caravan to the north defending from the mass group and a party of adventurer’s (The PC’s heading south to deal with the leadership). Harshnagg and Volga both made their own decisions and each went one on one with one of the two trolls. The party came out victorious after a harsh battle. The group to the north won with few injuries, and both Volga and Harshnagg each killed a troll single handedly, though while Harshnagg had an alchemist fire to help end his troll, Volga had Eramil aid him with a fire spell to prevent the troll from getting back up.

Part 3- Following Maab’s direction.
A strange voice, that of Maab most likely, called for Cillian to lead his allies into the woods to find a golden stag. Upon finding it and following it, it led them to a tomb. “You are on the right track, continue to follow the river of gold until you reach the castle in the sky.” and “She now has an investment in the outcome” are the only two things the stag said before pointing you into the tomb and leaving.

Once inside, the party fought against a wight and his group of zombies. Channel divinity and smiting proved rather effective in the battle and the party went on into the tomb and found a man missing his leg chained to the wall. This man was Michael, and he was working with Kirrik Laselles in exploring an old dragon tomb used by the Cult of the Dragon back when they concentrated their efforts on undead dragons and mysterious prophecy. When he and his group encountered the wights, the zombies, and an undead copper dragon, they called for a retreat. Michael knew if they got into a battle on the stairs it would be a slaughter, so he shut the doors as everyone else left and fought to what e expected to be his death.He managed to kill two of the wights (well, finish them off from the fight everyone was in) before succumbing to his wounds and loosing his leg to the dragon. He informed the party that the dragon was still alive (well, still undead). His hoard was in the next room with him, as would be the information they were seeking.

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Adventure 5
Mondath's Finale

Party Members: Cillian DuFrane, Elsbeth Lascelles, Fae’owyn, Jurra Loganth, Leoven, and Mara Nemetsk

Part 1: The Final Battle with Mondath
After giving Cyanwrath an honorable death, standing with his spear in his hands, the party healed up and went to finally finish Frulam Mondath. The party opened the door and stormed against the priestess of Tiamat, then the fighters Jurra and Leoven found themselves in a world of hurt. Mondath called to spring the trap, which brought other cultists from behind set up tables to open fire, toss a couple of alchemist fires at the warriors, use smoke bombs to cut line of sight for everyone else, and use hidden cult members to shut the doors between the front line and everyone else. Mondath then moved forward and grabbed Leoven by the face and damn near killed him with her magic, which he then fell due to being on fire. Finally, a wyrmling black dragon, only a few days old as most, entered the battle and focused on Jurra. The battle raged and looked very bad for a while with both warriors continuously getting knocked unconscious.

Finally, a few well placed shots and manuvers and the dragon and a few of the cult members had fallen, Mondath was injured, and the fire on Leoven was out. The battle began to turn and the party came out on top with no casualties, unless you count potion costs.

The black dragon eggs were destroyed and Cillian tied Mondath down and set her to die by pyre. The party made their way out and Turin and his men had finished off the cultists outside with no casualties. The party made their way back to Greenrest as heroes.

Part 2: To Elturel
Leosin Erlanthar bought horses for the party to use to make it to Elturel to meet with him and Ontharr Frume to discuss the The Cult of the Dragon. The journey took six days and led the party into the heart of Elturel and thanks to Leoven, right to Frume. He expressed his desire to speak with the party after Leosin’s return, but asked to hear about the battle with Cyanwrath, having wanted to duel the famous half dragon himself.

Part 3: The Meeting
The meeting was the first time the party got to interact with three of the orders. Ontharr Frume representing The Order of the Gauntlet, Leosin Erlanthar representing The Harpers and Delaan Winterhound representing The Emerald Enclave. The party ended up with the support of the groups despite Winterhounds disagreement to destroying the black dragon eggs simply because “they were black dragon so they were evil”. It was decided that the party would use a contact in Baldur’s Gate named Ackyn Selebon to join up with a caravan that the Cult would be using to head north, the party would act as guards for other wagons going on the same journey.

Part 4: Getting hired.
After a few days on the river, the party was welcomed into the city where they were informed that the Cult would be joining with a caravan leaving in 3 days. In addition, the cult wold be using a smuggler in the cult named Eramil who usually does these runs for them. He has his own normal crew of guards and drivers, but this time three more would be traveling with him, the half orc brothers Hurg and Lurg, as well as a Kura-Tur warrior named Volga. The party met with a few of the wagon owners going on the trip and with the exception of Cillian who had his own idea, got hired onto The Caravan.

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Adventure 4
Assaulting the Caves

Party Members: Cillian DuFrane, Elsbeth Lascelles, Fae’owyn, Jurra Loganth, Leoven, and Mara Nemetsk

Part 1: Preparing for the Assault
The party took a couple of days to rest and get to know each other and why they are doing what they are doing before heading to the base camp to fight Frulam Mondath and Langdedrosa Cyanwrath.

Cillian revealed that his parents, one a member of the Harpers and the other a member of the Zhenterim, were killed by the Cult of the Dragon. He and his sister escaped and were taken in by a thieves guild. His sister also fell to the Cult of the Dragon when she went after them alone.

Elsbeth revealed that she is the granddaughter of a known dragon slayer who went missing a few months ago. Recently she was attacked by members of the Cult of the Dragon who informed her that the Cult never forgets and always avenges.

Fae-owyn revealed that she was looking for an ever greater story, and taking out the rising cult would make for a great one. She also informed everyone that she was searching for a friend of her’s who went missing, a girl named Talis.

Jurra revealed that he was a follower of Bahamut and was hunting the evil dragon cult in the name of his god. He also told everyone that he was once a Gold Dragon banished to a mortal life by his god for his arrogance, but no one really believed, or got, the joke.

Leoven revealed a good bit about his troubled past, obviously something he needed to talk about, but in the end he is a follower of Ontharr Frume and the Order of the Gauntlet. and he was asked to investigate possible cult activity near Greenrest.

Mara revealed that a close friend and mentor of hers, Margret Green, was killed by the Cult, strangled with her own holy symbol. The only evidence left was a black scale that Elsbeth confirmed came from a black half dragon. She found out later that Margret was working with Frume and Leosin Erlanthar against the Cult of the Dragon.

When the party was ready to leave, they found Turin Aleen and another 11 members of the city armed and ready to aid in the attack on the cult. The intention being that they would help deal with outside guards and once the party entered the cave, they would make sure no one came in behind them and no one escaped out.

Part 2: Meeting on the Road
Chance would have it that the party and their companions would run into a group of cult members heading towards Amn, some of the last to leave the camp. The battle proved dangerous but no one was seriously injured. At the end, the only cult member left was a recent convert who was questioned and released with a warning message to deliver to Rezmir. The party then rested about an hour away from the camp, did a bit of scouting, and Fae’owyn had her food stolen.

Part 3: The Caves
With Turin and his men moving to fight the guards, the party was able to move unopposed to the cave where they quickly dispatched a guard drake and a few dragonclaws. Moving in, they successfully made their way through a room of bats, survived a rather devious poison fishhook curtain trap, and killed a few kobolds and young guard drakes before making their way into a shrine where they met with Langdedrosa Cyanwrath and his four berserker guards.

The battle with Cyanwrath was intense and the blue half dragon took the party off their game early, giving him the advantage that he used to show just how powerful his blue dragon blood could be in the form of a devastating breath of lightning. He then focused his attacks on his opponent from Greenrest, Jurra. The battle looked bleak for quite some time with Mara, Fae’owyn, and Jurra all falling during the combat. In the end though, the party came out on top and put Cyanwrath down. His fate is sealed, death will come for the half dragon within minutes, but first a question must be answered. As he asked a few different people throughout the mission, Cillian wants Cyanwrath to give the party a name.

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Adventure 3
The Raiders' Camp

Party Members: Cillian DuFrane, Elsbeth Lascelles, Fae’owyn, Jurra Loganth, Leoven, and Mara Nemetsk

Part 1: Tracking the Raiders
The party left the town of The Town of Greenrest that morning after speaking to Tarbaw Nighthill and Nesim Waladra. They were offered a reward to locate information about the attackers, who it was, where they were located, who the leaders were, and where they were going next. They were also asked to try and save the prisoners taken from the town as well as a prisoner named Leosin Erlanthar, a monk who was taken after a battle with Cyanwrath.

The party left the town and battled gnolls on the road. After a few hours they came upon a small group of cult members (4 humans and 8 kobolds) camped out in a dip in the hills. While the attempt to crush the kobolds with boulders failed horribly, a well placed sleep spell and good tactics won the battle in short order. The sleeping cultists were interrogated to get the location and layout of the camp and began to make plans.

Part 2: Infiltrating the Camp
When it came time to infiltrate, the party broke apart and went their separate ways to attempt to gain information.

Jurra took point in the center of the camp between the kobolds and humans and while he found little himself from the vantage point, he had a good view of his allies and would be able to pass information between others.

Mara took to a campfire near one of the acolytes and witnessed him convert one of the prisoners to the Cult of the Dragon.

Leoven located a group of men smoking something a bit strong and watched as they demonstrated the problems between the humans and kobolds by picking on one of them.

Fae’owyn walked the perimeter of the camp and quickly found where most of the prisoners were being held, and began to flirt with the guard eventually gaining access to the prisoners to let them know they were going to be freed.

Elsbeth made her way to a game of dice that was being played near where Leosin was tied near the cave which held Rezmir, Cyanwrath, and Mondath.

Cillian made his way around trying to gather information about where the cult was heading next and eventually made his way to Leosin himself to let him know they were going to try to get everyone out.

Eventually, Cillian made himself known to Rezmir and drew her attention only to then make it look as if the acolyte he was impersonating had been killed by the kobolds. This caused chaos in the camp. Fae’owyn used a sleep spell to knock out the guard and everyone except Cillian and Leoven made their way out of the camp with the prisoners. A well timed fire drew out Cyanwrath and the drakes and Cillian freed Leosin and made his way out to the northwest. Leoven followed out after almost being spotted by Cyanwrath. Both Cillian and Leoven found a couple of guys where they escaped from that simply watched them leave without saying a word.

Part 3- Leosin’s Information
It turns out Leosin is a member of the The Harpers and has been working against the cult for the better part of a year. He informed the party that Rezmir was leaving in a few days and most of the cult would be breaking up from there. But Mondath couldn’t leave because they had dragon eggs in the caverns that could not be moved. The party would have their chance to get her if they waited a few days. He then asked them to meet him in Elturel after they finished. He, and an ally named Ontharr Frume would meet with them and aid them in going forward against the Cult.

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Adventure 2
The Siege of Greenrest

Party Members: Cillian DuFrane, Elsbeth Lascelles, Fae’owyn, Jurra Loganth, Leoven, and Mara Nemetsk

Part 1: The battle in the church of Chauntea
The adventure opened with the party inside of the church having met the priest of Chauntea Eadyan Falconmoon and the dwarf Castellan “Firebeard”. Behind them, a large attack group consisting of 5 humans, 10 kobolds, and a couple of ambush drakes were moving to attack. 60 people were in the church, but most were unable to fight, the actual combat force consisted of the party, Falconmoon, Firebeard, and 5 guards. Thanks to one of the warriors overhearing some talking outside the party was able to learn that the attackers intended to use the drakes to break through the front and back at the same time. Putting the noncombatants in the balcony and protecting the stairs with the guards, the party put a few plans into action, including setting the battering ram the cult made on ropes to swing down towards the door. The drake busted through the front only to be thrown back out unceremoniously by the aforementioned swinging battering ram. Te rest of the battle went quickly with no loses and even some impressive battling by the towns guards.

Part 2: The assault on the keep
The party returned to the keep by moving through the town, having heard that the kobolds reported the direction the party came from and the dragonclaw setting into motion the searching of the rivers, having correctly deduced that the town was using the river to move unseen.

After getting some time to relax, the keep itself finally fell under attack. Some small scale ranged combat between the archers of the cult and the crossbowmen of the city went on for about 15 minutes until Lennithon made his move and blasted a hole in the north wall, taking out a few members of the town guard with his breath. The dragon began to move slowly into the keep from the south, the cults kobold hoard began moving in through the north, and according to a guard who escaped, a small attack group made their way through the hidden tunnel and were moving in towards the noncombatants in the keep. Sir Marrion Halimbrar took command of the situation sending Firebeard to lead the troops against the kobolds, sending the party to handle the tunnel, and taking up his sword to fight the dragon himself.

The party successfully defended the tunnel, leaving one escapee to get caught and killed by swarms of rats in the tunnel. During this, for the second time, Cillian had been watched by a fey touched creature, and in these moments made his deal with Maab. A few minutes after they made it back up top, the battle was mostly over. Halimbrar had been killed by the dragon who then left the keep.

Part 3: One on one, the battle between Langdedrosa Cyanwrath and Jurra Loganth
Then, from the ranks of the cult, Langdedrosa Cyanwrath came forward with 15 prisoners including women, elderly, and children. He called out for a battle against the greatest warrior the town had to offer in exchange for the prisoners. A call that was answered by Jurra Loganth. As show of faith, once Jurra made his way to the battlefield, Cyanwrath released the 9 children. In this moment, a few party members saw Frulam Mondath up close for the first time who watched on disinterested. In a show of power, Jurra managed to look great in his battle, even managing to bloody the well known duelist thanks to his own ability and the encouragement of his allies, but in the end he fell to Cyanwrath’s power. With his victory, Cyanwrath released the remaining prisoners and he and the cult left the town.

Part 4: Preparing to follow the Cult
The next morning the party was awoken to find out that more than 150 people were killed in the battle last night, and there is the possibility that a few people were taken from the town. One of those possible people taken, a half elf monk named Leosin Erlanthar. Nesim Waladra was one of his allies and said that he and a few others came with Leosin to gather intelligence on the Cult of the Dragon and came upon the attack. Leosin could be a valuable ally as he has been investigating the cult for the better part of a year. He does know that the Cult has a camp somewhere within a days walk of Greenrest. He suggested that the party attempt to rescue the monk if they intend to continue going after the cult. In addition, Nighthill requested that if the party was going after the cult, he would pay them for information, specifically the leader of the group, their location, and where they intend to attack next. He then took a moment to speak with Jurra, thanking him because one of the children that Cyanwrath was holding was his grandson.


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