Tyranny of Dragons

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Adventure 11


Party Members: Elsbeth Lascelles, Fae’owyn, Jurra Loganth, Leoven, Mara Nemetsk, and Kaius

Part 1: Into the Portal
The party makes it way through the portal and everyone ends up in a stone building with only 3 walls roughly 40×40. Looking out into through the open side of the building you can see that you are in a lightly wooded mountainous area covered in snow. Carlon Amoffel takes the initiative to head out and scout the area to the north while Kaius heads to the west towards the higher mountains. The rest of the party begins working on ways to keep the women warm as they are not dressed for the cold weather. Kaius discovers that a dragon is somewhere within 6 miles of where the party is, and Carlon locates a small town an hour to the north.

Part 2: Whitebluff, first visit.
Elsbeth, Mara, and Leoven make their way into the town early in the morning just before sunrise. A dwarven guards leads them to the guardhouse and they are then taken to the church of Lathander where they are introduced to Father Tobias. Thanks to Mara’s direct honesty, they discover that the town of Whitebluff is under the control of the cult of the dragon, specifically a white dragon named Blizzard and a woman named Talis the White. The town wants to fight back, but the dragon is too much for them. The church agree’s to take in the victims once the party brings them back.

Part 3: Whitebluff, second visit.
The entire party heads into the town with the ladies which they take directly to the church. There, they meet up with Thomas, a warrior of Tempus and Nathaniel, a blacksmith who saw the half black dragon Rezmir, a Thayan wizard, and a red armored Kura-tur warrior (likely Azbara Jos and Volga). The plan is made, the party will move towards a hunting lodge currently being used as a base of operations for Talis and Blizzard. When they start to fight, the town will move to eliminate the cult members within the town. First, the party needs to rest.

Part 4: Fae’owyn is missing
When the party wakes, they find that Fae’owyn is missing, and with a little investigation, that sh has left out of the window and disappeared in the woods outside of town on the back of a white dragon. They set out north to find her.

Fae’owyn awakens to Talis, who wants to know why she is here. Talis explains herself, but wishes for Fae’owyn to simply go home, she does not want her to get hurt.
Talis Info
-Talis’s father died from working himself to death.
- Talis became idealistic to the idea that the world should work off of people getting only what they earn, what they are worth.
- Unfortunately, in her travels she came to the realization that the only constant of human nature is greed. People always want more than they are working for, or to work less for the same.
- Tiamat, to her, is the closest true representation of human nature. She follows the goddess of greed to see to it that she always stays on top and no one gains off of her work.

The rest of the party attempts to track her down only to find a open hole that is being mined out by human slaves, under the whips of goblins. The party attacks to free the humans, but quickly comes under attack by more powerful creatures, an ogre, and a set of bugbears which have the blood of white dragons in them. The party is successful and quickly heads north after freeing the slaves, where they meet up with Fae’owyn.

Part 5: Trespin the four armed troll
The party locates the hunting lodge to the north, but as they approach, they find one of its guards, a horrible looking four armed troll. The beast moves quickly and tears into both Jurra and Mara, even taking the priestess down in short order. The troll is overcome, and everyone survived, but now they look forward and the door of the Hunting Lodge stands before them.


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