Tyranny of Dragons

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Adventure 12

The Hunters Lodge

Party Members: Elsbeth Lascelles, Fae’owyn, Jurra Loganth, Leoven, Mara Nemetsk, and Kaius

Part 1: Assault on the Lodge
The party decided to split up and go through both the front and back doors. Jurra, Fae’owyn, and Leoven went through the front, and Elsbeth, Mara, and Kaius went in the back. Kaius went first after setting a bear trap outside only to be assaulted by cultists in the kitchen brandishing boiling water and cutlery. Jurra and crew ended up in battle with a set of demonic looking statues. After finishing the kitchen staff, the back door group made their way to the center of the house and helped with the statues. At this point, the party decided to split up and search the house. Jurra and Fa’owyn went through the middle and into the back right of the house. Elsbeth and Kaius went left. And Mara and Leoven went right. Things seemed dull until Mara and Leoven entered a room where a Black Tentacle spell caught them both and a suit of armor, a Helmed Horror, attacked. The rest of the party rushed to their aid but Leoven was hurt badly. In the confusion, Fa’owyn set fire to a tapestry not realizing it was a portal and caused a magical backlash in the room. By the time they were finished, other cult members had come down. Led by the half green dragon Maelgot wielding Dragongleam, as well as Sorvic (a dual wielder) and Kusphia, a duelist. as well as four other cultists. Thinking quick, Kaius grabbed Elsbeth and rushed into the room where the party forced the enemy to split and come at them from two sides. In the end, all of the enemies had fallen and Kusphia had surrendered.

Part 2: The Information.
In exchange for her life, Kusphia gave the party the following information.
- The identity of the five Wyrmspeakers. Severin the Red (A human wizard capable of 9th level spells). Galvan the Blue (A human). Neronvain the Green (Moon elf prince of the Misty Forest). Rezmir the Black (half black dragon). And Varram the White (A dwarf warrior). Severin is also the leader of the Cult.
- The cult is amassing a giant hoard to present to Tiamat when they bring her out of the first layer of Hell and into the material plane.
- There are 5 dragon masks, all of which are needed to perform the ritual to bring Tiamat into this realm. They have 3 of them, the white, the black, and the red.
- Everyone else left on the back of a huge white dragon to reach the Castle.
They also found 3 prisoners, Craggnor, a dwarf who followers Varram who was captured and tortured by Talis, Miresella, a woman from Parnast, and Brother Caemon, a traveling priest of

Part 3: Blizzard
The party attempted to load the carts, but the dead troll and other bodies in the yard attracted the attention of Blizzard, who waited for a moment to strike. The battle was short, but it took the life of Leoven. Mara finished the battle with a scorching ray which sent Kaius into a rage as to why she didn’t do that earlier. A funeral was done, but the party broke down after this fight. While victorious, this may spell the end of the party.


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