Tyranny of Dragons

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Adventure 2

The Siege of Greenrest

Party Members: Cillian DuFrane, Elsbeth Lascelles, Fae’owyn, Jurra Loganth, Leoven, and Mara Nemetsk

Part 1: The battle in the church of Chauntea
The adventure opened with the party inside of the church having met the priest of Chauntea Eadyan Falconmoon and the dwarf Castellan “Firebeard”. Behind them, a large attack group consisting of 5 humans, 10 kobolds, and a couple of ambush drakes were moving to attack. 60 people were in the church, but most were unable to fight, the actual combat force consisted of the party, Falconmoon, Firebeard, and 5 guards. Thanks to one of the warriors overhearing some talking outside the party was able to learn that the attackers intended to use the drakes to break through the front and back at the same time. Putting the noncombatants in the balcony and protecting the stairs with the guards, the party put a few plans into action, including setting the battering ram the cult made on ropes to swing down towards the door. The drake busted through the front only to be thrown back out unceremoniously by the aforementioned swinging battering ram. Te rest of the battle went quickly with no loses and even some impressive battling by the towns guards.

Part 2: The assault on the keep
The party returned to the keep by moving through the town, having heard that the kobolds reported the direction the party came from and the dragonclaw setting into motion the searching of the rivers, having correctly deduced that the town was using the river to move unseen.

After getting some time to relax, the keep itself finally fell under attack. Some small scale ranged combat between the archers of the cult and the crossbowmen of the city went on for about 15 minutes until Lennithon made his move and blasted a hole in the north wall, taking out a few members of the town guard with his breath. The dragon began to move slowly into the keep from the south, the cults kobold hoard began moving in through the north, and according to a guard who escaped, a small attack group made their way through the hidden tunnel and were moving in towards the noncombatants in the keep. Sir Marrion Halimbrar took command of the situation sending Firebeard to lead the troops against the kobolds, sending the party to handle the tunnel, and taking up his sword to fight the dragon himself.

The party successfully defended the tunnel, leaving one escapee to get caught and killed by swarms of rats in the tunnel. During this, for the second time, Cillian had been watched by a fey touched creature, and in these moments made his deal with Maab. A few minutes after they made it back up top, the battle was mostly over. Halimbrar had been killed by the dragon who then left the keep.

Part 3: One on one, the battle between Langdedrosa Cyanwrath and Jurra Loganth
Then, from the ranks of the cult, Langdedrosa Cyanwrath came forward with 15 prisoners including women, elderly, and children. He called out for a battle against the greatest warrior the town had to offer in exchange for the prisoners. A call that was answered by Jurra Loganth. As show of faith, once Jurra made his way to the battlefield, Cyanwrath released the 9 children. In this moment, a few party members saw Frulam Mondath up close for the first time who watched on disinterested. In a show of power, Jurra managed to look great in his battle, even managing to bloody the well known duelist thanks to his own ability and the encouragement of his allies, but in the end he fell to Cyanwrath’s power. With his victory, Cyanwrath released the remaining prisoners and he and the cult left the town.

Part 4: Preparing to follow the Cult
The next morning the party was awoken to find out that more than 150 people were killed in the battle last night, and there is the possibility that a few people were taken from the town. One of those possible people taken, a half elf monk named Leosin Erlanthar. Nesim Waladra was one of his allies and said that he and a few others came with Leosin to gather intelligence on the Cult of the Dragon and came upon the attack. Leosin could be a valuable ally as he has been investigating the cult for the better part of a year. He does know that the Cult has a camp somewhere within a days walk of Greenrest. He suggested that the party attempt to rescue the monk if they intend to continue going after the cult. In addition, Nighthill requested that if the party was going after the cult, he would pay them for information, specifically the leader of the group, their location, and where they intend to attack next. He then took a moment to speak with Jurra, thanking him because one of the children that Cyanwrath was holding was his grandson.


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