Tyranny of Dragons

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Adventure 3

The Raiders' Camp

Party Members: Cillian DuFrane, Elsbeth Lascelles, Fae’owyn, Jurra Loganth, Leoven, and Mara Nemetsk

Part 1: Tracking the Raiders
The party left the town of The Town of Greenrest that morning after speaking to Tarbaw Nighthill and Nesim Waladra. They were offered a reward to locate information about the attackers, who it was, where they were located, who the leaders were, and where they were going next. They were also asked to try and save the prisoners taken from the town as well as a prisoner named Leosin Erlanthar, a monk who was taken after a battle with Cyanwrath.

The party left the town and battled gnolls on the road. After a few hours they came upon a small group of cult members (4 humans and 8 kobolds) camped out in a dip in the hills. While the attempt to crush the kobolds with boulders failed horribly, a well placed sleep spell and good tactics won the battle in short order. The sleeping cultists were interrogated to get the location and layout of the camp and began to make plans.

Part 2: Infiltrating the Camp
When it came time to infiltrate, the party broke apart and went their separate ways to attempt to gain information.

Jurra took point in the center of the camp between the kobolds and humans and while he found little himself from the vantage point, he had a good view of his allies and would be able to pass information between others.

Mara took to a campfire near one of the acolytes and witnessed him convert one of the prisoners to the Cult of the Dragon.

Leoven located a group of men smoking something a bit strong and watched as they demonstrated the problems between the humans and kobolds by picking on one of them.

Fae’owyn walked the perimeter of the camp and quickly found where most of the prisoners were being held, and began to flirt with the guard eventually gaining access to the prisoners to let them know they were going to be freed.

Elsbeth made her way to a game of dice that was being played near where Leosin was tied near the cave which held Rezmir, Cyanwrath, and Mondath.

Cillian made his way around trying to gather information about where the cult was heading next and eventually made his way to Leosin himself to let him know they were going to try to get everyone out.

Eventually, Cillian made himself known to Rezmir and drew her attention only to then make it look as if the acolyte he was impersonating had been killed by the kobolds. This caused chaos in the camp. Fae’owyn used a sleep spell to knock out the guard and everyone except Cillian and Leoven made their way out of the camp with the prisoners. A well timed fire drew out Cyanwrath and the drakes and Cillian freed Leosin and made his way out to the northwest. Leoven followed out after almost being spotted by Cyanwrath. Both Cillian and Leoven found a couple of guys where they escaped from that simply watched them leave without saying a word.

Part 3- Leosin’s Information
It turns out Leosin is a member of the The Harpers and has been working against the cult for the better part of a year. He informed the party that Rezmir was leaving in a few days and most of the cult would be breaking up from there. But Mondath couldn’t leave because they had dragon eggs in the caverns that could not be moved. The party would have their chance to get her if they waited a few days. He then asked them to meet him in Elturel after they finished. He, and an ally named Ontharr Frume would meet with them and aid them in going forward against the Cult.


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