Tyranny of Dragons

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Adventure 5

Mondath's Finale

Party Members: Cillian DuFrane, Elsbeth Lascelles, Fae’owyn, Jurra Loganth, Leoven, and Mara Nemetsk

Part 1: The Final Battle with Mondath
After giving Cyanwrath an honorable death, standing with his spear in his hands, the party healed up and went to finally finish Frulam Mondath. The party opened the door and stormed against the priestess of Tiamat, then the fighters Jurra and Leoven found themselves in a world of hurt. Mondath called to spring the trap, which brought other cultists from behind set up tables to open fire, toss a couple of alchemist fires at the warriors, use smoke bombs to cut line of sight for everyone else, and use hidden cult members to shut the doors between the front line and everyone else. Mondath then moved forward and grabbed Leoven by the face and damn near killed him with her magic, which he then fell due to being on fire. Finally, a wyrmling black dragon, only a few days old as most, entered the battle and focused on Jurra. The battle raged and looked very bad for a while with both warriors continuously getting knocked unconscious.

Finally, a few well placed shots and manuvers and the dragon and a few of the cult members had fallen, Mondath was injured, and the fire on Leoven was out. The battle began to turn and the party came out on top with no casualties, unless you count potion costs.

The black dragon eggs were destroyed and Cillian tied Mondath down and set her to die by pyre. The party made their way out and Turin and his men had finished off the cultists outside with no casualties. The party made their way back to Greenrest as heroes.

Part 2: To Elturel
Leosin Erlanthar bought horses for the party to use to make it to Elturel to meet with him and Ontharr Frume to discuss the The Cult of the Dragon. The journey took six days and led the party into the heart of Elturel and thanks to Leoven, right to Frume. He expressed his desire to speak with the party after Leosin’s return, but asked to hear about the battle with Cyanwrath, having wanted to duel the famous half dragon himself.

Part 3: The Meeting
The meeting was the first time the party got to interact with three of the orders. Ontharr Frume representing The Order of the Gauntlet, Leosin Erlanthar representing The Harpers and Delaan Winterhound representing The Emerald Enclave. The party ended up with the support of the groups despite Winterhounds disagreement to destroying the black dragon eggs simply because “they were black dragon so they were evil”. It was decided that the party would use a contact in Baldur’s Gate named Ackyn Selebon to join up with a caravan that the Cult would be using to head north, the party would act as guards for other wagons going on the same journey.

Part 4: Getting hired.
After a few days on the river, the party was welcomed into the city where they were informed that the Cult would be joining with a caravan leaving in 3 days. In addition, the cult wold be using a smuggler in the cult named Eramil who usually does these runs for them. He has his own normal crew of guards and drivers, but this time three more would be traveling with him, the half orc brothers Hurg and Lurg, as well as a Kura-Tur warrior named Volga. The party met with a few of the wagon owners going on the trip and with the exception of Cillian who had his own idea, got hired onto The Caravan.


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