Tyranny of Dragons

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Adventure 7

On the road to Waterdeep

Party Members: Cillian DuFrane, Elsbeth Lascelles, Fae’owyn, Jurra Loganth, Leoven, and Mara Nemetsk

Part 1: The Undead Copper Dragon
After speaking with Michael in the tomb of the copper dragon where the Cult of the Dragon once hid, the party went forth to challenge the dragon itself. The battle was short and ended in the sound defeat of the dragon. Inside the party found a few things of note. Some potions, gold, and gems. A suit of half plate. The Red Slayers Sword. And information on three dragons that had been written by someone unknown.

The Dragons
Haldisaath- An adult white dragon who lives up north near Icewindale.
Voaraghamanthar- An adult black dragon who lives north east of Waterdeep in the swamps, the dragon is said to be one of the fastest dragons known.
Namhais- A metallic dracolich who rests in Undermountain below Waterdeep.

Part 2: Events on the road to Daggerford

The Prostitute and the Cultist
Over the next few days after the battle with the dragon, one of Claudio’s ladies really got to one of the younger cult members. She even broke an agreement with Urnpolehurst to give the boy a free night. This resulted in her gaining a bit of information before Volga interfered and threw the boy back into their camp. All of this information was given to Claudio while they spent the night in a small hamlet.

The information gained
1- The cult was heading north from Waterdeep to a prearranged drop point, after which the smugglers were going to get their cut and be done with it.
2- The cult seems to be recruiting with the idea of creating anarchy, at least the boy considered himself an anarchist even though it was obvious to her that he really didn’t know what that entailed.

Tijit’s Anger
On the night after the battle with the dragon Tyjit made herself known aggressively to Jurra, threatening him to watch his mouth. It seems there were rumors spread that he had been speaking ill of her. She backed down when the Pole made his presence known.

Two nights later she got into it with Eldkin, an argument that seemed little more than Eldkin telling her to watch her attitude, and Tyjit telling her to piss off.

Torrin the Dragonborn
The day before the party arrived in the hamlet the caravan came across a tree with four dragonborn hanging from it, having been beaten near to death and then hung. Torrin and a few others went to bury the victims and oddly, Hurg from the Cult pushed for the carts to wait.

Once in town, Torrin confided in Mara that his clan had been killed the same way by a man named Galven, the Blue Wyrmspeaker of the Cult of the Dragon and he was heading north to kill this man and his followers. As it turns out, the Cult of the Dragon has been hunting and killing dragonborn since the Sundering when most of their race was taken off of Toril. It seems that the dragonborn have a hatred for dragons because on the world they come from, dragons were tyrants that used the dragonborn as pawns in their games. Metallic, Chromatic, and Gem all enslaved the dragonborn and they hate them and Toril’s dragon gods, for it.

Drow Sightings
After leaving the hamlet and getting back on the road, the watches had a drow sighting. One of the guards saw the creature, ebony black skin, red eyes, and white hair. This happened again a few nights later. Then, on day 23, Jurra did not show for guard duty. His sleep area was searched and it was found that he had been drug away by someone. He was found a few hundred yards away, bleeding from dozens of small stab wounds. He was healed and it was discovered that he was the victim of a drow poison which knocked him unconscious. However, while all evidence pointed to the drow, the comb made of black dragon egg was found broken in his pocket. So maybe, it was not in fact a drow who attacked him.

No room at the Inn
On a night during the trip when the rain was ice and the roads were horrid, the caravan came to an inn. Unfortunately a group of four men bought out the place out of boredom to simply watch the group suffer. Thanks to Claudio’s diplomacy/bribery and the presence of Hurg and Lurg, the group gave in only to find themselves 1 gold bar richer.

The Storm
The caravan was held for nearly 4 days due to a bad storm which they simply could not travel through.

The Innevar Sisters
The day after the storm a set of buxom young ladies joined the caravan, having taken shelter in a small hamlet a few hours off the road (which may or may not exist). The twin sisters Arietta and Zelina were fast favorites among the men, and even a few of the women, on the trip. Apparently they intended to stay on till Waterdeep where they would meet with their brother for work. Though they intended to have fun along the way. However, they broke from the caravan the day before they arrived in Daggerford, without a trace.

The Harper
Carlon Amoffel, a harper agent, was found buried up to his neck in the middle of the Trade Road, with the words Oath Breaker painted on his forehead. His story was that he broke and oath to marry a woman, but a few knew this to be a cover story. His real story, which he told to Mara, was that he was tracking a group from the Cult of the Dragon who were smuggling goods north. They caught wind of him and made up the story to try to get him killed, but the other drivers decided to leave him buried in the road for fate to have. He figured out there were Cult members on this trip and confronted Mara about it. They then met in Daggerford with the other party members (minus Claudio) to discuss their plans. It seems that he knows the drop off point and intends to follow them to it to figure out where stuff is going from there. He asked the party for assistance in this.

The odd cultist
WIthout warning on the day before arriving in Daggerford, one of the cult members started acting weird enough to draw attention. The boy, the same one who was connected to Claudio’s lady, suddenly decided he didn’t want to continue north and wanted to stay in Daggerford. The cult was beyond confused and not very happy. In addition, he seemed unaffected by the prostitute’s attempts to gain his trust again, as if nothing had happened between them. Once they were in Daggerford, he and one of the ladies who were traveling with the caravan left. He was followed by another cultist (who was followed by Claudio) who tried to figure out what was wrong with him. He drew steel and was killed by the lady, they both then left with the other cult member dead in the street.

New people
As the caravan prepared to leave, two new people joined up. Azbara Jos, a Thayan man, and Jamna Gleamsilver, a gnomish woman. Azbara, joined up with the cults wagons, Jamna simply was following along.


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