Tyranny of Dragons

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Adventure 8

The Carnath Roadhouse

Party Members: Cillian DuFrane, Elsbeth Lascelles, Fae’owyn, Jurra Loganth, Leoven, and Mara Nemetsk

Part 1: The Final Stretch
The party left Daggerford and headed north to Waterdeep. They lost one of the wagons but gained two new tag alongs, Azbara Jos and Jamna Gleamsilver. Over the next few days the party came to find out the Jemna was here after the Cult as well, and she traded the fact that Jos was a Red Wizard for any info you all had. After 10 more days, and a murder on one of the Cult’s drivers, the party arrived in Waterdeep. After breaking apart from the wagons, the party met up with Carlon Amoffel at the Grinning Lion in the North District of Waterdeep. The plan was made, to show up the night after the cult made it to the Carnath Roadhouse and figure out where the stuff was going from there.

Part 2: The the Carnath Roadhouse.
The trip took 3 days, but was far from uneventful. A battle with a troll set the bar for just how powerful Volga was having taken one down by himself. Then they came across the ruins of the city of Riverton, decimated by a black dragon. Possibly Voaraghamanthar, a dragon listed in the notes found in the copper dragon tomb.

Part 3: The Carnath Roadhouse
After a little investigation, trouble came looking for the party. Trouble in the form of 3 half orcs, and a couple of cult members. Those half orcs included Hurg, Lurg and one no one had met prior, Bog Luck a heavily armored warrior with the desire to eat his foes. The battle was bloody and thanks to Hurg and Lurg having seen the party fight before, they all targeted and killed the cleric Mara. After a bit the half orcs were killed, but they had done quite a number. Cillian drug Bog Luck outside to “talk” and actually got some helpful information. Elsbeth went down to hunt the innkeeper and burned her alive. Jemna went to work sawing off the heads of Hurg and Lurg. The rest of the party mourned the loss of their friend, everyone but Leoven who started praying for a miracle. A prayer that was answered not by his god, but by a darkre entity, an entity he made a deal with. Now, with Mara alive and everyone ready, a nights sleep is all that is needed to head into the cellar, to follow the goods that were taken.


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