Tyranny of Dragons

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Adventure 1
Greenrest in Flames

Party Members: Cillian DuFrane, Elsbeth Lascelles, Fae’owyn, Jurra Loganth, Leoven, and Mara Nemetsk

The party traveled with a caravan from the city of Elturel south for almost 2 weeks until breaking off to head west towards The Town of Greenrest. When they arrived, the town was in flames, under attack by raiders of some sort and a huge blue dragon.

Part 1: The battle on the bridge
The party battled a group of 3 cult members and 3 kobolds to protect an injured family that was heading their way. It was a short battle and the family was rescuced, who then told you about a hidden path to get into the Keep.

Part 2: The hidden tunnel
The party escorted the family along the river until they found the hidden tunnel that would get them into the keep. A few party members went forward and located and opened the door. The family followed and made their way inside. The last few party members however drew the attention of 4 kobolds and an ambush drake. After defeating the scouting group the party made their way through the tunnel, expertly avoiding a few rat swarms, and found their way into the keep.

Part 3: Saving the mill
The party met Sir Marrion Halimbrar and Tarbaw Nighthill inside of the keep. The two of them were trying to keep order, though the captain of the guard (Captain Mitchell) was killed when the dragon made his first pass through the city. Governor Nighthill then requested the parties aid in saving the mill, which was being threatened to be burned down, which would be devastating the town. The party exchanged some information which determined that the attackers were the The Cult of the Dragon. In addition, Cillian DuFrane requested for scouts to try and get enough information on the purple robed figure to see if it was a half elven woman named Frulam Mondath.

The party made their way along the river to the mill, where they saw a group of six cult members setting up to burn the place to the ground. The party ambushed these cultists and made short work of them. Once they got the door open though, Mara, Leoven, and Fae’owyn found themselves on the receiving end of an ambush. While it looked bad for a moment, everyone turned it around and took out the enemies quickly. Leaving on man alive, they discovered that these men were mercenaries working for the cult, having been paid off by a dragon man named Cyanwrath.

Soon after the battle, the party located a woman and her two children hiding out and once guards came to take over, the party made their way back to the keep.

Part 4: The church of Chauntea
The party made it back to the keep and had time to take a bit of a break. During their rest, it was confirmed that the leader did fit the description of Frulam Mondath. They also heard another pass of the dragon somewhere in the town, this was the fourth time it had been spotted.

The party was called to the warroom to speak with Nighthill and the half elf scout Naerin. He asked the party for aid in rescuing the people who had barricaded themselves inside the church of Chauntea. He didn’t want to use a large force as such could force the cultists to devote more men to the cause, or worse the dragon itself. The party once again used the treeline and river to move from the keep. Upon arrival they found a group of 3 men and 6 kobolds working to break down the front door while 2 men and 8 kobolds worked to set fire to the back. The party engaged by assaulting the obvious leader of the group who then took off behind the building. A fierce battle that almost spelled the end of Jurra, the party came out on top. As they made their way inside the building to the cheering of the people inside, they noticed a force coming their way. But, they took the battering ram inside with them.


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