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  • Frulam Mondath

    One of the Wearer's of Purple in the Cult of the Dragon. She led the attack against the town of Greenrest. She was killed when the party assaulted the caves controlled by her and Cyanwrath. She was beaten in combat and then burned alive, poetic justice in …

  • Eramil

    Eramil leads the three cult wagons, they have a total of 3 drivers (himself not included) and 6 guards, including the half orc brothers Hurg and Lurg, and the warrior Volga. Killed in combat against the party when they fought him, Hurg, Lurg, and Bog …

  • Pharblex Spattergoo

    Spattergoo killed the chief of a local lizardfolk clan which the cult of the dragon then subjugated. He was killed in battle in the castle.