Achreny Ulyeltins Wagons

Ulyeltin has two wagons he is taking from here to Waterdeep, one filled with cured furs and the other with uncured hides. He has a second driver, 2 laborers, and 3 guards (plus a PC).

Important People
Achreny Ulyeltin- A boorish man without a trace of civilization. He is not unfriendly, just smelly, vulger, and utterly without manners.

Enom Tobun: this male lightfoot halfling has been driving wagons on the swordcoast for the better part of 40 years. He is a font of legends and stories, but its impossible to tell what is true and what is stretched. He gets offended at those who question him.

Tyjit Skesh: Female gold dwarf. She is quick to anger and honest to a fault, to the point of making sure people know she is angry so they can correct their behavior in the future. Her best point is that she is quick to defend someone from a bully.

Torinn Kimbatuul: Male dragonborn. Torinn is new to the guard gig, but his tall size and large build have drawn him enough attention with Ulyeltin to warent the job. He is friendly to people, but somewhat quiet as he feels untrusted.

PC- Mara Nemetsk

Achreny Ulyeltins Wagons

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