Beyd Sechepols Wagon

Ale and beer are so common that not much money can be made hauling them long distances. But that is what this wagon carries. Sechepols has been traveling this road with caravans for years selling his product to fellow travelers along the way, then picking up more in Daggerford or Waterdeep and joining a caravan back.

He has 1 wagon and 3 guards

Important People
Beyd Sechepols- A very diplomatic man with a gift for defusing violence before it gets out of hand. However, he is very careless with his animals to the point of mistreatment. Something that puts him at odds with Werond and Edhelri often.

Eldkin Agetul: female shield dwarf. A long time worker of Beyd, she is the most experienced guards here and a perfectionist, having made this trip numerous times even before the Spellplague 100+ years ago.

Beyd Sechepols Wagon

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