Lai Angesstuns Wagons

The dwarf is carrying a load of scented cooking oil and perfume to the rich and dandy of Waterdeep’s nobles. She has two wagons, a second driver, and 3 guards plus 2 PC’s.

Important People
Lai Angesstun- This gold dwarf is rather talkative about how much money he is going to make off of the aristocrats of Waterdeep to the point of annoyance. Unfortunately his bolstering of his goods has drawn the attention of the cult.

Werond Torohar: a female teamster who seems to have an uncanny knack for handling animals, and difficult terrains seem not to affect her carts. She is a starry eyed romantic.

Sulesdeg the Pole: Human. One of the desert men of Shaar, The Pole is a well known and sought after guard. He is probably the tallest human you have ever seen, standing just over 7 feet 5 inches. He doesn’t talk much, but when he does people listen.

Leda Widris: Female human. Leda is from Calimshan to the south and joined up to head north and see what a real winter is.

PC- Leoven

Lai Angesstuns Wagons

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