Noohar Serelims Wagon

Noohar and his mute brother Selvek are carrying wooden carvings from the elves of Cormyr to Waterdeep. They have 2 guards and hire a PC.

Noohar Serelim- This moon elf might be one of the most articulate people you have ever met, and many people on the trip seem to lose interest with him because his vocabulary seems unnecessarily complicated. Though less so when he starts singing.

Selvek Serelim- Noohar’s brother is mute and can only communicate in sign language. He is a master with the harp, and backed up with his brother’s singing, it becomes easy to see why people deal with Noohar on long trips.

Ovestia Esseren- Female human. This is her first trip more than 2 miles outside of Baulder’s Gate. She is skilled with spear and bow (more with the bow) but knows nothing of dishonesty.

PC- Elsbeth Lascelles

Noohar Serelims Wagon

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