Other Travelers

In addition to the wagons, some other travelers are heading north. Some simply joining for the protection that traveling in a group provides, and others waiting to see if a replacement guard will need to be hired mid trip. This replacement guard concept has been around the Sword Coast for as long as caravans have been running it and is a good starting point for some who have become professional caravan guards.

Aldor Urnpoleshurst- A lawyer from Baulder’s Gate looking to be anywhere that isn’t Baulder’s Gate. He is very suspicious and untrusting of everyone.

Green Imsa- A human woman who is green from head to toe, eyes, teeth, nails, hair. She has been checked in Baulder’s Gate but is traveling to Waterdeep to try and find out what is going on with her. (Stayed in Daggerford)

Radacar Perethun- Male rock gnome. Radacar is quiet and keeps to himself, eating, sleeping, and so on. However, he will gladly come out of his shell for a game of chance.

Azbara Jos- This man joins with the caravan in Daggerfall by paying passage on the Cult’s wagons, something the cult has not allowed for anyone else. He wears a wool cap with ears and neck flaps at almost all times.

Jamna Gleamsilver- A female gnome who joins up and stays mostly to herself.

Other Travelers

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