The Caravan North

People, even guarded wagons, don’t travel The Sword Coast alone when they can avoid it, and the The Cult of the Dragon is no different. You leave out of Baldur’s Gate with a large group of wagons heading north towards Waterdeep.

Each wagon entry has a description of the people traveling with it, but not all people on each wagon are listed, as there are a few extra NPC’s on the trip which may become important only in certain events (such as a replacement character in case someone dies on the trip).

Beyd Scechepols and his crew ended their journey in Daggerford.

The Wagons of the Cult of the Dragon
Achreny Ulyeltin’s Wagons
Beyd Sechepol’s Wagon
Edhelri Lewel’s Wagon
Lai Angesstun’s Wagons
Noohar Serelim’s Wagon
Other Travelers

The Caravan North

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