Tiamat (pronounced tee-a-maht), also known as the Nemesis of the Gods, was the queen of evil dragons and a servant of the greater god Bane. Like most other draconic deities, she was the offspring of the dragon creator deity Io. Tiamat was also the eternal rival of her brother Bahamut, ruler of the good metallic dragons.

Tiamat had one head for each primary color of chromatic dragon (black, blue, green, red, white), and each head had the powers of a member of the respective race of dragonkind.

Tiamat had a reputation amongst the people of the new state of Unther for battling with the other members of their pantheon and was blamed for every one of the many setbacks Unther experienced.

Being a member of certain pantheons made her some enemies, including Bane and Ilmater.

Having once been an archdevil living on Avernus, Tiamat was loosely allied with Bel and lent him many Abishai to fight in the Blood War. She resented Mammon for converting some evil dragons away from her. She helped Asmodeus forge his Ruby Rod but it was unknown what opinion either held of the other. Her aspects were also known to work with those of Kurtulmak.

She was the antithesis of her brother Bahamut, although some said that her hatred of him was also full of lust for the platinum dragon.

Rival deities of all creeds and from every pantheon are inherently tyrannical. They seek only power, at any cost, despite their honeyed words. The Dragon Queen is the only being powerful enough to defy the gods and overthrow their despotic rule, as demonstrated by her overthrow of the other Untheric deities. Work tirelessly toward the day when Tiamat will banish the gods from Faerûn and unite the world under her rule. Toward this goal, follow her commands unquestioningly and be willing to sacrifice yourself in her service. To overthrow the gods requires power, and power is acquired through the accumulation of wealth and magic. Power demands respect. Chromatic dragons everywhere are to be venerated as the spawn of the Dragon Queen and paid homage. When Tiamat assumes her throne, her draconic children shall serve her as dukes, and her clergy as their mortal vassals.



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